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Travel Trade events is our forte.

We are well known in the British travel trade for organising road shows and promotional workshops.

One of our most popular services is what we can an “Active RSVP”, a service where our team will work from our latest and most up-to-date database of travel trade contact to ensure that your event is well attended.

Most people think that to promote an event the more emails you send the more confirmation you receive, when the reality is that now-a-days we all receive so many emails and hundreds of junk emails and delete them all, by simply sending emails not long works.

Our team will make at least three telephone calls, to verify email address, to verify receipt of invitation and confirmation of attendance and to reconfirm attendance on the day before the event. Our team will promote your event by matching clients' profiles to your specifications.

Event participation is becoming an increasingly popular promotional tool, whether a large trade show or a smaller function. And besides our popular Active RSVP services, we can also arrange an event for your specific requirements.

We can organise a variety of events including the following:

  • Road shows
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Product launches
  • Destination and product training
  • Educationals and familiarisation trips
  • Press trips
  • Themed evenings
  • Quiz nights
  • Entertainment, artists, carnival parades and much more

Another popular service is the facility to assist our busy clients in arranging and pre-booking appointments with prospective clients or suppliers during trade fairs or business trips, providing you with the bonus of having your company details matched with that of prospective clients by profile.

Brazilian and South American Themed Events
For Brazilian and South American Events we are able to theme these events and bring the best of each culture. Below are just a few of many services we can provide:

  • Music, dance and cultural presentation (from live bands and solo artists to Tango, Gafieira, Roda de Samba, Capoeira and many other, adding a real flavour to your event)
  • School of Samba (drums and feathers)
  • Caipirinha Master Class (teaching how to make the Brazilian National Cocktail drink)
  • Canapés and regional food (from many states and countries throughout South and Latin America)

Through our parent company Bossa, the official organisers of the London Bossa Nova Festival, Brasil Sensational and the Taste of London Gastronomy Festival we are able to organise cultural events including open air festivals. For further details see http://www.brasilsensational.com or http://www.bossanovafestival.com